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        The Queen's Palace, Andohalo

        A veritable jewel in the crown of Madagascar's history, the Queen's Palace of Andohalo is located right in the heart of the capital. The visit allows travellers with a passion for history and culture to plunge into the heart of the island's rich history, to explore the recently renovated architecture of the Palace and to discover its precious collections while enjoying a breathtaking panoramic view of the city of Antananarivo. A cultural and historical icon not to be missed.

        Lemur's Park, Imerintsiatosika

        At Lemur's Park, the mysteries of Madagascar's endemic fauna are revealed before your very eyes. Here you can discover the island's undisputed stars, the lemurs, in their natural habitat. Much more than a simple encounter with exotic fauna, this is an immersion in a captivating story of preservation and respect for nature.

        Îlot de la Vierge, Ampefy

        The Îlot de la Vierge in Ampefy is a well-kept secret, located on Lake Itasy near Antananarivo. This peaceful site is perfect for relaxation and nature lovers. Take a trip on a typical Malagasy boat on the calm waters of the lake, to discover the astonishing rock formations. With its unspoilt nature and breathtaking sunsets, the îlot de la Vierge at Ampefy is a prime destination for a romantic getaway or a moment of escape.

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